SUHNER Abrasive Expert

SUHNER Abrasive Expert

  МАШИНИ С ГЪВКАВ ВАЛ                         АБРАЗИВИ                        ЕЛЕКТРИЧЕСКИ МАШИНИ


Save your time: Grinding power under control

Our smart and comprehensive program of abrasives covers all your needs - from cleaning through to polishing. Quality and performance are our guiding principles. We help you to maximize your output and reduce overall costs.

Suhner Abrasive Mission Statement
Tradition and innovation since 1914. Development, design and manufacturing of professional machines from one source. Our target is to offer you an economic and efficient surface finish through a combination of tools, abrasives and expert knowledge.

In-house development and production
Thanks to our own research and development department we can respond quickly to market needs. Developing efficient and energy-saving tools is a key requirement which we are live with constantly. Of course, the worldwide varying conformity requirements are being respected. Quality products – made in Switzerland and the EU.