Finishing Stainless-steel was never so easy!

The Finit-All is the perfect tool for those who are unfamiliar with stainless steel or who only work on it occasionally. With its flat drive and 150-mm protective cover, this machine is made for our Combi unitised finishing disc. However, the Finit-All is more than just a pure finishing machine, it is a real all-rounder. With a speed range of 2000 - 7600 rpm, the Finit-All can be used for both finishing and (light) grinding work. For the latter, you can rely on the Ø150-mm zirconium flap disc.

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СъдържаниеКаталожен No:НаименованиеКоличество
 SMFASET*Finit-All machine1
 GA7T31Rebel One Combi 150x6x25.4 G-line - dens. 71
 RCD/ME/125Rapid Combi Disc 125x22 Medium1
 SAG/5/125Rebel One disc on fibre glass 125x22 S-line - dens. 5 1
 FORU/60Rubber-bonded sanding block #601
 FMGRT/AF/60040Tex open belt 600x40 mm AF2
 FNC/60/150Cloth flaps disc on glass fibre backing 150x22 - grit 601

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